Education Loan- A Vicious Circle

The confused true story of a Middle Class MBA graduate....

So you have graduated and you have this sudden realization that you will not be able to make quick money only through a bachelors degree. So you give up your 10k per month job and decides to do a MBA/PDGM/PGBM/PGP and blah blah. You spend 10 lakhs in doing the MBA and miss out on that 2.5 Lakhs that you could have earned your first job. So now you have spent 12.5 lakhs to earn a decent job which starts at 30 K per month.

You put in all your efforts, do extra shifts to impress your supervisors, take up extra work to please the people around you but then one fine day you have this old happening realization that you are not making enough money.You are anyways paying back the education loan every month which never seems to reduce. So you decide to get your annual hike of 5% (as a reward for the best performer) and shift to a new job with a 20% hike.

So you finally hit the 40 K figure which makes you believe that now life gonna be beautiful. Now you decide to get a few credit cards and as it is, free money takes you for a ride. So after 6 months, half of your salary goes into your credit cards bills. You live like that for sometime and then realize that you are not saving enough. The answer to this difficult question is the same old magical solution: FIND A NEW JOB.

So now you get into a new job without realizing that this frequent quest of changing the jobs is getting listed on your resume. The process continues and life goes on and after working for 6-7 years you realize that you have only paid half of your education loan and is only surviving for paying credit card bills. Then you wonder if that 10 K job when you had nothing to pay, nothing to lose was enough for you. Probably after 6-7 years of working in different organisations, you might be drawing a Lakh rupees a month but in the same time that 10 K probably would have reached the same level... the story doesn't end here coz' the quest to survive for this Middle Class MBA graduate will continue for the rest of his life.
Moral: Don't act or be stupid.. use your DAD's money if you want to do your post graduation else you will only be stuck in the vicious circle of paying the credit bills and loans for the rest of your lives. No one will be generous enough to give you a lump sum amount that will clear your debts and even if somebody does give you that much cash in one go, then you will spend rest of your life paying him the same amount... Its Just A Vicious Circle !