Birthday that wasn't

I don't remember the time when my life on earth moved from counting days to weeks to months and to finally years... from a joyful childhood to a meaningful teenage to a practical adulthood, I suddenly realized that at this very moment, this is the oldest I've ever been :) Oldest and may be on the verge of completing half of my life. With no regrets, no pain and only with peace and joy, I have tried my best to make my life and others more interesting over the last 29 years. Its finally the day when the reverse countdown of my twenties starts. I finally get to run my 30th year of existence. And I have promises to keep, questions to answer and memories to cherish that will keep me running and make this second life a worthy dream. Thank you for being or not being a part of it :)

And as I have a book on Rumi in my hand which was given to me as a gift, indeed one of the most cherished and meaningful gift I have got, I quote something from it:

"In a boat down a fast running creek, it feels like trees on the bank are rushing by. What seems to be changing around us is the rather the speed of our craft leaving this world".