Death of my Personal Email ID

Food for thought:

Do you know that we have really stopped using our personal email? I mean most of us generally check our personal emails these days to check the notifications from LinkedIn or Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter. Other than that all the emails we receive are from overgenerous eCommerce companies selling their products for free (Virtually). We also get our bank statements and credit card judgement on our personal emails. But the reason that we still login to check the inbox is in the hope that somebody might have sent a great job opportunity which will make us a overnight millionaire. If you don't agree to this, check your sent items and I dare to challenge that most of you will only have subject lines like Resume for the post of... CV- Ref:.. and so on.... isn't this funny that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter has probably taken over everything in our lives. I am not denying that I am not a victim of the same but when I think of the extent to which Social Media control our lives, it gives me goosebumps....