Democratic Ego Massage

A Recall From College Life: No discussion, no meaning, just read it for the heck of enjoyment....

Most of the friends I have on FB are well educated or atleast sounds like that. There are few who loves to share jokes, some like updating quotations, some like sharing motivational pictures from other pages and there are many other kinds too. Well being born in a democratic "society", country is no more democratic, we are allowed to follow our own self and will.

However, this is about a different kind of bunch that I recall from college who used democracy to massage their ego or make somebody else jealous. Have you ever heard this from an average stupid guy, talking about a gorgeous girl in college, "I have dated her", "We couldn't get along", "She is dumb, only looks good"... etc etc etc... Now these people according to me have used freedom of speech to the fullest. They might not have got a chance to say hello to that girl but they have artificially and superficially dated her, ignored her, kissed her and realized that she was dumb. Worst part is that this works in their favor to spread rumors coz then we have the similar kinds from the opposite sex too who picks up the vibes of a roaring donkey and get along well. 

Irony of the story: They Lived Happily Ever After

Comment and add if your have heard something similar like," I have dated her and all"... from those 6 pack macho's during college life :)