Full Vs Empty

So we begin a new day, a new week, the last week of this month, the 9th week of this year, only 43 more weeks to go and the clock will tickle again and an year will go by- year when we wondered and we wondered coz' isn't that the best thing to do: to build castles of our dreams with no idea of how to add paint them. As of now, some will be cursing the only known fact that its a Monday, some might be waiting for 3 days to pass to get there monthly pay cheque, some will be still wondering if India will be able to win the Chennai test match against Australia.

I am sitting here wondering what if we just stop wondering, what if life goes blank, what if we need not dream coz' we have everything.. I wonder how life gonna be on those days.. whether life gonna be COMPLETE or INCOMPLETE.. whether it gonna be FULL or EMPTY.. whether it gonna be EXHAUSTIVE or SELECTIVE.. whether it gonna be INCLUSIVE or EXCLUSIVE ... and most importantly whether it gonna be FREE or CAGED !