The flight of a soul

The interpretation of a song called Jhini by Indian Ocean.
Listen the song here

The bird here is used as a metaphor for soul (spirit). It says that a bird in her journey saw a beautiful branch and fell in love. She decided to stay on the branch for the time being and slowly developed a deep attachment to the branch. The bird thanked all the luck she had as according to her, it was her luck that she found the branch and decided to live on the branch forever.....the bird got so obsessed with the branch that she made up her mind that no where in whole sky she could find a better place than this. The bird slowly lost all the interest in flying and her wings  became useless. Later in the song, it is said that the bird catcher/hunter caught the bird. Bird described here is similar to our soul in its journey of life. One develops very close connections and attachment to self body and materialized world that he/she forgets that our ultimate journey doesn't end in this life but goes far beyond this. But as humans we are more in love with our existing self and only want to stay here and don't want to leave a mortal body. The bird catcher (God) then ultimately takes our soul from the body and bird (soul) after death gains wealth of wisdom and realizes that sky (our life) is just a small part in the journey of our soul, it's actually a long and never ending flight and we should always continue flying.