Tombstone's Name

Ever thought how many different names you got.. I mean I have names like Prince (I was very fair when I was born) , Himanshu (Professionally addressed as), Tomar (Close frens) , Daanu (from Danasur), Daddy (only coz i Looked like one), Tommy (Coz I was a dog for them :P ) and many more like Tomar-Man, Bane-Man, I will remember if I really get to thinking... "BC, MC, Ch***a" definitely were used as my name by many and vice versa.... So ever thought which name you would prefer to go on your tombstone???... can you choose all of them??? .. or your favorite one???... what would I prefer when I go, may be a blank tombstone with few sketch pens, or crayons hanging next to it to allow people to unleash their creativity and gimme a few more names.. wouldn't it be awesome to be alive with new names even after u r gone.... #JustAThought


  1. Extremely interesting thought to take forward.
    All my life i cooked & cooked, so my tombstone should be of marble/granite-cos i could never try my culinary art in a fancy kitchen. The names 'Sleepynut' 'BagofLazyBones' 'Mr. Grumbler' 'Workalchoholic' & few unmentionables, the most befitting is 'Teatotaller'. The epitaph reading borrowed lines(creativity ends here) 'Let me tell you how the story ends, where the good guys die & the bad guys win. It doesn't matter how many friends you make, but the graffite they write on your grave'-Gerard Way shows the way.

  2. Wow... loved the last lines and I think teatotaller is the best :) Thanks for your comment!


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