Music has no Religion

I am not a big fan of everybody's lady love, Lady Gaga but she gained my respect when she said, "Music has no politics, music has no religion, music has no color, music has no sexual preference, music has no color preference, music is free." 

I always thought music is the only thing left which is not associated with any religion and can be enjoyed by people of whatever faith/persuasion/non-faith. Even though certain sub-genres are almost inextricably tied to religions - although they can still be enjoyed by those who don't share in that faith just as well. 

The same can be said of all the arts. Even if there are symbols, programs, or meanings, but at their core they are abstract. The weird thing is, this very abstractness is what lends the arts a spirituality, whether a celebration of the indomitable human spirit or of the sacred.

But these were my thoughts when I was a 20 yr old kid, it was the pre-youtube era.

Like everyone else, I have my own preferences in Music. But I really don't mind listening to any form of music if it helps me relax my mind. But I am sure most of you will agree that coke studio and MTV Unplugged are 2 really amazing platforms where its not about music but its more entire aura that is created. Music takes a different form and reaches greater heights when it is showcased on these 2 platforms.

But I feel ashamed to say that when we comment on these videos, we absolutely forget the basics of respect for each other. Its not just one video, its a common practice on almost all the songs. Someone will comment that we pakistani's are the best in music. Some fanatic Indian will read it and reply. It takes these 2 comments to start a war where the language is just not abusive but its derogatory to read. 

1000 of such comments are floating on youtube and can be read on any of the songs. You will find one such anti-social being who initiates this nonsensical war of words and others happily join it. Probably they think by passing such stupid comments they will solve all the issues. But still you can find one or two genuine music lovers who will send in their good wishes and comments and reading them brings so much joy, atleast on my face.

Someday, we have to stop it. Its a genuine request that please don't kill the essence of music with the dirt that we have in our screwed up head. Love has no religion, God has no religion, for me music also has no religion. 

Love and Peace.