Can I get off this Planet?

  • When I joined a missionary school, all I could see and meet were people from my own religion. 
  • When I stopped playing cricket on my terrace and moved out to the fields, my parents told me to be with kids from my own religion.
  • When I read history for the first time, all I read was how great we are and the various wars that we have fought with a special mention to Pakistan.
  • When I moved out for the first time to stay in a hostel, I was told not to eat non-veg coz that's specific to some other religions.
  • By the time I joined college, I had already been conditioned to like some people and hate some people on the basis of religion, creed and color.
  • I had seen the way we politicized the issue of Babri Masjid, Bombay Blasts and the riots after that.
  • No wonder when the riots happened in Gujarat, I was already conditioned to blame some people for all the ruckus.
  • I was always told as a kid that the biggest rivalry in cricket is India vs Pakistan.
  • I was a grown adult by the time Kargil happened, it was portrayed as if each and every person in Pakistan wanted this to happen.
  • Every now and then I get to hear hate speeches, radical thoughts from people who live on both the sides of the border.
  • Every now and then we find our politicians using the events to showcase how much they care for us.
  • Every now and then our bollywood superstars start developing a social conscience only when their movies are to be released.

We really don't have reasons for our hate coz we have been conditioned to hate people on the basis of what we have heard about them.

I agree that If one person has an imaginary friend, they're crazy, if many people have the same imaginary friend it's religion.

You know I strongly feel as if we all are being used as a tissue paper. This time not just to wipe somebody's ass but also to pen down and pass on the hatred that we have for various people, to our coming generations. Things will not change, we can't control rapes, we can't control the beheading of our soldiers  we can't control the crocodile tears of our politicians, we can't control the thought process of our parents, we can't control the content of education that is imparted, we can't control our media sensationalizing everything, we can't control the way our film stars gets awakened on an issue after they have decided a made a movie on that... all we can do is breathe and wait for a tomorrow which will definitely be worse than today.

Can somebody stop this planet, I seriously wish to get off !