Dream of an Angel

It was an early morning of a bright sunny day, when the sky was beaming with the modern art of clouds and I saw somebody. Her steady steps on the placid ground had a tranquil effect on my peaceful thoughts. Her white dress was shining like the glitter on a puppet doll and her hair were covering her gorgeous face which I was yet to see...

Thoughts emerged, mind boggled, lips shivered but i couldn't utter a word. I was dumbfounded. All I could see was the hurricane in the ocean of innocence that was making her bask in her own glory. She touched the ground with the tip of her toes as if trying to tickle the earth. She stopped to hear the chirping of a little bird and smiled as the sun wished good morning to me. I finally opened my eyes. I remember the night before was seamlessly peaceful as I could hear the stars move, I could hear the clouds giggle, I could feel every step that the wind took, I could hear the trees breathe, I could hear the mountains call, I could hear the river cry and I could hear my pseudo self. But I couldn't say anything that night as I waited to get dumbfounded by the beauty of an unknown angel.

As I rubbed my eyes to admire the backdrop of this hazy thought, I saw the girl and thanked the creator for making her of the finest dust on earth. The way she bites the music between her lips, her words draped in pure silk and her walk that looked as if she was gardening and living in harmony with the mood of a sunflower, so soft, so divine. The flowers in the valley suddenly hung their head as she walk past them to come near to me, the mere mortal. I wish I had could open my eyes for long to know her more but instead her fragrance of lilies mixed with the holy water splashed me with a moment of stillness and I was gone. Gone into the wilderness of my thoughts where I was lying with glued lips and the mind intoxicated by the presence of this creation of heavenly god. I knew the best I could do that night was to remain dumbfounded and still I am !.

Mantalai Trek


  1. Very narrative.
    It takes you on a verbal trip & sails you thru to the visual formations of nature & the breathless beauty of the girl. well written.


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