Every Kid is Special

He was standing behind the curtain, shyly. I could see a part of his white knicker protruding out from side-ways of the curtain. I smiled and called him loudly,"Akshu, come here, you big boy. Will you not meet your uncle? I am here only for few minutes". He came out with his head down, walking reluctantly towards me. His mom, from the kitchen remarked,"He becomes so happy when you visit us. He never forgets you inspite of the fact that you usually visit after such long gaps. Its strange because he usually forgets people if he does not meet them for 4-5 days. I don't know why he is so much shy today"

Akshu looked into my eyes spreading his hands out, muttering ,"Brrcle". I hugged him and he rested his cheek on my shoulder. This was the warmest hug I had got in past so many days. I felt light and touched. I asked him to sit beside me but he outstretched his palm. Suddenly, that made me remember to put the chocolate I brought for him, on his hand. He looked at his mom who gestured not to eat it right now. He put it into his school bag and squinted his small eyes. I held him around his back and said," You have put on more fat Akshu. Whats this?" He mumbled something which I couldn't make out. His mom answered, putting the breakfast plates on the table,"He eats too much and don't know when to stop. Look Akshu, Uncle is also complaining. You should listen to me now". Akshu smiled at me trying to hide his face behind my back. I handed over his plate to him and he started eating in a way as if this is the last piece of food on earth. I kept watching him while he seemed to forget everything around him. His full concentration was on having his breakfast. Finishing, he opened the casserole to take more but his mom shouted, "No Akshu. This is enough. Tie your laces or else you will fall and go wash your hands." I also tried to eat, with the same intensity as his and realized that while eating I never concentrate on eating. I always keep thinking about something else and never ever enjoy my food.

A van honked twice, from outside. Akshu hung his water bottle on his shoulder and hurried outside with his mom. I also followed them. The gate of the van opened and all the children from inside, started shouting and waving. They all looked like Akshu. Akshu sat at the window and kept waving his hand at me, laughing aloud and muttering something fiercely. I was looking at the picture painted on the van's front which said, "Little Flowers - School for Special Children"

The van soon disappeared into the next street. His mom turned back with a trickle of tear in her eyes. She can never accept that her son is mentally challenged!

~Forgot the source but whoever wrote this definitely has a heart of gold- #Respect