A Letter To A Beautiful Girl...

Dear Princess,
  This is my first time speaking my mind, as you listen to the roaring echos of my voice. I never told you how I felt about our friendship or how you made me smile. Our friendship isn't just full of endless laughter and beautiful smiles it's more than that. You mean so much to me even if I haven't known you for a year. I love the way you make my heart dance and how my soul twirls with excitement of joy.

Before I met you I didn't think I would find someone as special as you. Guess I was wrong because I found you and I never want to lose you. I'm never letting you let go because you brighten my world of grey! You make the painful tears fade away and you never fail to warm my heart. I love you like an angel loves a child.

Words cannot describe how beautiful you are or how beautiful your words are. You're a gifted angel from the heaven's above. You may not realize it but you bring joy and happiness into other people life just by smiling. You make me feel and breathe just by you being here. I hope that your warm embrace never fades away because I love your sweet touch.

A sweet angel

Dear Beautiful Dreams,
  Every moment that passes us by is another moment that reminds me of you. Your endless beauty traps me in a world of colors. Your light of hope guides the way to my dreams. Every night when I would dream I would think of you and me watching the stars. I always knew me and you were connected through their shining auora of broken dreams but we found them as beautiful signs of hope.

Every shattered piece of puzzle lead me straight to you. So my heart followed without resistances, it's like my heart longed to find you. I remember when me and you were small and we would swing on the swing-set laughing as we tried to reach for the sky but our finger-tips slipped through the fluff of the clouds. When I looked into your eyes I couldn't help but smile because they showed so much more than just happiness but showed a world of mystery. I always wanted to be that special someone to stand by your side and here I stand five years later, still by your side.

Remember we would always tell our parents we would someday dream of finding our prince? Remember our parents always laughed because they knew that we were so young with our creative minds. I remember your mom always told us "Follow the senses of your heart to keep moving forward" and we did as was told. Before we didn't understand what she meant until we hit our teen years. Life never brought us down though even through the heart-breaks because we were always there for each other.

A dreamer of memories

Dear Rainbows Of Hope,
  I hope you never forget the good times we shared because I will always be there. I hope you know when life gets you down I will be there to lift up again. If you fall to the ground and couldn't get up again I would help you up. I would open your wings and teach you to fly again. Because you're too beautiful to let the world suffocate you.

Your words of color bring me hope and tell me to move forward. You always tell me to keep my head high and to never look back to the past, because the past is full of old memories. Together we always created more memories to share as the years went by. We grew more intelligent and wiser as we got older. Even if the years changed and we continue to get older I know one thing that will never change, us.

The future