Arushi: Make the world one bit better !

Arushi is a Bhopal-based not-for-profit organization working with and for people with disabilities and issues related to them. The basic objective of our work is to generate opportunities and develop capacities in people with disabilities. The disadvantaged become susceptible to blatant as well as some subtle forms of oppression, exploitation, abuse and marginalization. Arushi works with them to develop capabilities in them so that they are able to assess their choices and make informed decisions.

Their vision is to develop capacities in people with disabilities, working children and others in disabling situations; and to generate opportunities for empowering so that they may make their own choices towards leading a better quality of life.

Arushi advocates the rights and concerns of persons with disabilities through sensitization of society, corporates, government and civic bodies towards the potential, problems and needs of the disabled. Arushi also seeks to create, within the community, awareness about disabilities.

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