Burden of Abbreviated Birthday Wishes

A good friend has his birthday today. I haven't wished him yet and end of the day I know it doesn't even matter if I wish him or not coz' he knows his presence in my life is not for the moment when I see his birthday notification on FB. Well he is probably in the mountains somewhere celebrating his birthday at peace with the cake made of fresh snow and an led torch acting as a candle. 

However, I did read some of the comments and wishes that people left for him and I have just one questions to all the intellectually social home sapiens, what the hell is "HB". Well thanks for the time you took to think and wish with so many wonderful words. Really ? HB ?. I bet nothing will change in his life or in his thoughts for you when you give these elaborate wishes of yours. Come on we are better than this. We cant be so fake and stupid to go overboard to make somebody feel better or just wish him for the heck of it. Call him, leave a note, message him in FB chat or do something else but do not make him feel the burden of your wishes and the time you took or may be wasted to state them on his FB wall.

Its just my personal view but seriously we should avoid this thing of pleasing anyone and everyone. Let the world know that you find them stupid and vice-versa and life will have more reasons to wake up to every morning. Anyways, just wanted to wish my very close friend, buddy and someone with the same weirdo DNA strand a very happy birthday. Abhilash Nanda, its always a pleasure knowing you brother. Hope you are keeping yourself safe and sound and enjoying every bit of the Himalayas right now.

And to all others, please don't feel proud if instead of HB you wrote HBD, you are equally worse. Period !