Forbidden Love - A Poem

Wired with nails, on the threshold of hell, there stands my forbidden love,
Eyes pale yellow, skin rotten but still beautiful like a dove,
It says-:
I am slowly moving into my forbidden lines,
Knocking the hell is actually what I am trying,
They called me forbidden as I gave them pain,
But they missed out from the pain what they gained,
I was never restricted to walking hand in hand,
I was supposed to be carried till life ends,
Everyone forgot my real use in life,
They suppressed me a lot and forced me to fly,
Like a bird I soon got tired,
Had to settle but actually got wired,
Now the meaning of me ‘the love’ has changed,
And the white dove of love is badly stained,
That’s why I am forced to be termed as forbidden,
Jesus would have cried as it was useless getting nails ridden,
Look at the irony of this world,
They call love a forbidden bird,
But why the hell should I think of this,
I am the dove, called ‘damn love’ 
I am waiting for hatred to gimme a kiss,
But remember, if once I go,
I promise your life will never get the glow,
You’ll live in the hell with hate all around,

And you’ll not get a chance even to sniff heaven’s ground……