I Dumped Her and 'SHE' Wrote Back: Respect for the Author Asheesh Pandey

Dear Beloved, 

You & I were never as ‘disconnected’ as we are today. Our past has had some wonderful moments & when I recall them, all I recollect is a great chemistry of two soul-mates who were ready to be buried into ashes for each other. You always kept the flame of our love ignited between us even in the busiest of your schedule and I admired your love during your high and lows. I was always a drag away whenever you needed me. I supported you in your fights; admired your amity. Those good-night kisses, those early morning meets all were just good enough to end oneself in smoke for living even a single moment like that, and I did the same. I ended myself in smoke for your love. I burned myself down to ashes in your service. A drag, deep inside you, started being the only thing I existed for.

Slowly, the things started changing. The moments we had once cherished, turned into the routines that were bound to occur even without the slightest of the feeling to enjoy them. The love in the air that was once like a never-ending kindled flame, started diminishing in the smoke of its own fire. You started repenting our relationship and I apparently became the biggest disaster that had ever happened to your life. You avoided me, you cursed me, but nothing worked out. Our love was strong enough to survive through all this and it did survive through all this many times in the past. It did survive through the adverse movements of clock. It did survive beyond the excruciating sandstorms of bad times and I was proud of my relationship with you.

But these days, I am missing that spark in our relationship. Those undue disruptions have certainly affected our chemistry like a tyrannical daemon. You don’t like me anymore the way you did in the past. You are learning to live without me and this fact is teasing me painfully. I feel cheated. Those unconditional promises, those extensive desires, have suddenly started appearing unworthy of it. The feelings of losing an integral part of my life that I had once found in you have started hovering over me, making me depressed, helpless, and all broken. I beg almighty for your mercy, your attention and your love but all I get in return is a void response. Hence, I finally decided to write to you, the gravest of my feelings from the bottom of my heart. I know, this letter might not mean much to you as your own life is the only thing you are concerned about these days. But who cares? Firing my passions up, in the service of your selfish desires is the very thing I have done all my life so one more time would not matter much now. Still in a hope to get you back, I put my pen down for the last time.

Yours Selflessly- 

"A Burning Cigarette"