It 'was' a Beautiful Evening!

He was late again; every bone of his body demanding mercy, every corner of his room seeking attention. He glanced through the pile of clothes lying on the table, the table clock kept on the sofa. He needed a comb but could not find one. He lay down to relax. He soon got up as the pile of books fell from his bed. He took his laptop to check specifications of his new project. It was a tough assignment but he was not the one to shy away from difficulties. He had no fear, not anymore. Feeling tired, he put his head down. Hardly a minute had passed when he heard a knock on the door. It was her!

Soft white dress, long black hair, pink lips, and beautiful eyelashes- God she was gorgeous! He smiled, "Are you an angel?” She chuckled," Of course! Now welcome this angel." He kissed her hand. She came in and looked around. It was a flat as neat as one can find, with beautiful paintings on the wall. “Amazing! Your flat looks like an exhibition hall”; and then flashed that million dollar smile. How someone can be so beautiful, he wondered.

Her serene voice interrupted his thoughts. "I have to tell you something very important. My Dad wants to meet you sometime soon. I told him about you. So when you meet him, be the best. This will be huge. You probably don’t know how much this means to me. I am thrilled."

“Of course sweetheart, I would never want to lose you. But right now it’s getting late. I would drive you home".

It was the most beautiful night. The soft breeze was playing with her hair. The moonlight was glowing on her face. She was excited as a child to see the stars.”Those look lovely. I wish I was as pretty as those stars". He drove her past the most beautiful garden of the city. There was a heavenly fragrance of flowers. As he looked at her; he knew he wanted her that very moment. They leaned closer and her beautiful trembling lips started coming close to his. He was gripped by her aroma. Their eyes started closing for that perfect kiss. Alas, came the loud crashing noise with her scream!

His eyes opened with a startle. “I should probably change and sleep ", he grumbled. He looked at his crutches, with moist eyes, heart filled with regret. With their help he moved towards the window and looked outside. It was the most beautiful night. There was that soft breeze. There was that beautiful moonlight. And yes, there were those twinkling stars. He could see her among those beautiful stars. She wanted to be as pretty as them. She had got her wish. Life without her was insipid. He could still see her though, and still feel her fragrance. He knew that time would fly, but she would last in his memories forever.