Life- when did I lose you ?

Dear there,

I remember when you were just born and in the later years of your life when you were young enough to walk. You always made me happy by your naive activities with no fear for future, career or financial life.You were just care free and lived me to the pinnacle. No matter whosoever said or did whatsoever to you, if truth be told, you had really been so cheerful and jolly towards me. However,in further later years in your life,you hurt me a lot by abusing me for anything bad that happened with you and even thought to murder me sometimes.I was flabbergasted at your antipathy towards me for the things that never happened because of me but you always needed someone to blame for your failures so you made me the victim.

I have some reminiscences from the years of yore of your childhood.You always used to greet me with a cute smile on your face and a kiss on your mother’s cheek.I still feel rejuvenated when I think of this friendliness of yours towards me but now,what happened to you?? You are a complete transformed soul now.You never embrace me except in your happiness.You no longer do anything which makes me happy even by the skin of your teeth.You are now utterly lost in the self- created disguised world and have decorated the veils of reputation,dignity and passion around you.But where the passion,which once resided within you for me, has lost??

Can you imagine how one feels when one stays in incommunicado. It’s killing. It’s damn painful and killing when you can’t have your feelings shared with someone dear to you.You have made very dear ones and you share your feelings with them and often disabuse me in public.I am always silent because my any attempt is futile unless you realize it by yourself.

It’s not that I am saying such stuff to you so I am selfish.Yes, I am selfish because I am concerned about your happiness,about your well-being. I am deeply hurt when I see you hopeless, desolate and miserable. I just want to let you know that things are not that bad that you had made them with your attitude.World around you can be much more beautiful and things can be smoothed out if you really want the change.I am always here to succor you in rising you up in your life and make you feel the true bliss that you have been missing in your life ever by abandoning me.Embrace me and I will gift you the world you ever wanted in this universe.Live me as you ever did when you were young. I wish if there is nothing like" once upon a time we were in love".Time is a big healer but it will be great if healer is in our timeline.

Everything that melts is a broken heart

Begging You.

Yours selfless

Forgotten Life