Love is not a feeling, it's an ability

Guess the movie with this line: “Love is not a feeling; it’s an ability.”

A 15 year old Hispanic boy delivers this lesson to his girlfriend’s disapproving father. Do you remember it?
The movie is Dan in Real Life. The message, “love is not a feeling; it’s an ability,” is a missing piece of the puzzle for many modern relationships. Relationship experts name the four stages of love: infatuation, post rapture, discovery and connection.Infatuation doesn’t take effort, it’s nearly automatic.But after that, it’s not feelings that drive love or marriage. It’s decisions, choices, and priorities. It’s communicating and meeting needs, conversation and conflict resolution. It’s dating and romantic abilities, not arrows from cupid.Most of the time, an ability is not given, it is grown. You have to feed it and nourish it and work like hell to make sure it thrives through each and every season. Love is no different.

Just sit back….and think about how awesome your life is…even when you may think its not.
Today I’m gonna try a little harder.
Gonna make every minute last longer.
Gonna learn to forgive and to forget
cuz we don’t have long gotta make the most of it.
Today I’m gonna love my enemies.
Reach out to somebody who needs me.
Make a change
Make the world a better place.
Cuz tomorrow could be one day too late.

And it will be as easy as breathing.