My Bucket List- could become yours too !

I read these and fell in love with all of them. One life and I will make it count !

1. Stand on the Continent of Antarctica:  The original Bucket List adventure and something few people ever experience. As Spring bursts to life, the pack ice retreats to reveal a pristine white continent; breathtakingly beautiful and bustling with wildlife activity.

2. Savages or Saviours: You decide as you walk in the footsteps of Vikings. From Oban in the west of Scotland to Aberdeen in the east, northwards along the stunning Norwegian Coast, past Bear Island to the realm of the polar bear, Spitsbergen – Let history come to life as you follow in the footsteps of Vikings.

3. See a Polar Bear in the Wild: There is no sight more humbling than seeing one of these majestic creatures in the wild. Throughout the European summer, bears and cubs forage for food on the waning pack ice above the Arctic Circle. A place of raw beauty - The land of the midnight sun teaches us all a newfound respect for the impacts of climate change.

4. The 7th Wonder of the World on Your Doorstep: A land of 10 metre tides, terracotta rocks rising from azure seas, ancient aboriginal rock art and diverse wildlife – The stunning Kimberley Coast offers the whole package.

5. Stand on the Northernmost Tip of Australia: There are very few people who have explored the coast of Australia’s ‘Top End’. A remote oasis of colour and life. Stand on Cape Horn, visit the hidden Tiwi Islands (landings by invitation only), seek out ancient indigenous art showing the arrival of the first settlers and marvel at the vibrant coral reefs.

6. Follow in Shackleton's Footsteps: Literally walk in the footsteps of the ‘The Boss’ Ernest Shackleton across South Georgia through crevassed glaciers and alpine passes. This adventure activity is not for the faint hearted (alpine climbing and trekking experience necessary).

7. Discover the Land that Time Forgot: Circumnavigation of New Guinea: Discover some of the world's most exciting regions as they emerge untouched into the 21st century. The Forgotten islands where headhunting was practiced until recent years, The native markets of the Spice Islands, protected marine parks of Raja Ampat and the scenic coastline of West Papua and the ancient Sepik River - This 25 night itinerary expedition is sure to leave you spellbound.

8. North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure: To reach the North Pole is the pinnacle of Arctic expedition endeavors  Few people can say they stood at the one earthly spot where every direction is south. The added excitement of helicopter excursions and an optional hot air balloon flight above the North Pole make this adventure a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.

9. Magnificent Mount Everest: Celebrate the Legends of climbing Mt Everest: This trek takes us into one of the most spectacular regions of Nepal at the invitation of one of the most enduring Sherpa families.

10. South Indian Ocean Voyage (Heard Island): Deep in the South Indian Ocean lies Heard and McDonald Islands. Only a handful of people have ever visited these islands. These include a few scientists, a handful of tourists and (in a few years immediately after its discovery) sealers and shipwrecked mariners. These islands are 4,100 kilometres south-west of Perth, just 1,000 kilometres from the Antarctic continent and they are a world class Nature Reserve and World Heritage Site.

When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky...

Love and Peace