If Re-Evolution Happens!

Mr. Ronny Lal Chaddha was not liking the trait he had acquired a few days ago. It was the second thing he didn't like about himself; the first was of course his surname that he couldn't have been able to change unlike his first name which used to be 'Roopchand' until 10th standard.

Mr. Ronny renounced all his half-sleeves shirts and T-shirts despite the scorching summer sucking the life out of that afternoon. Full-sleeves shirt, shoes, gloves and almost everything, which was capable of covering every inch of skin, was the latest fashion trend. Item songs dried up in Bollywood and Sunny Leone lost her job. It was clear that not only Ronny but entire world had had acquired this trait.

Hairs were growing on every single part of the body. Patients suffering from baldness got the worst burnt- hairs were sprouting from almost every part of skin except scalp. All jokes on Anil Kapoor's ironic 'bare' chest stopped at once.

Soon hairs were grown to such an extent that it rendered itself impossible to hide. A news finally broke out by Reuters that people were undergoing "Re-evolution".

There were no clamour about the situation as the whole world was going through this weird transition. Hairs kept growing and sales of beauty products kept plummeting with time. There was hardly a place left on the body to apply lotion or cream. Their voice had now became too coarse to understand.

Paradoxically, the situation wasn't as bad as it sounds. Mirror image of part humans might not have given them an aesthetic pleasure but now they started feeling more joyful. They started liking one another's company but their own companies (where they worked) paid the price. All shops, MNCs, and other corporate shut down one after another. Nobody really cared. As humans they had produced sufficient enough to feed themselves and others for years. There was sudden exodus across the world. Everyone started moving towards most affluent countries of his continent in search of food. Disparity evaporated. One was savoring his meal letting other savoring his own. Now, there were no religions, no nuclear threats, no drone attacks, no crimes. There were hardly any human to be seen.

Then sentiments of leaving cities and shifting in woods grew. Slowly, jungles, which were too few in numbers to support such a large number of Chimpanzees, were started getting more populated as the days passed. Africa embraced its native Chimpanzees with a healthier environment to live in form of vast spread of jungles. China was the worst sufferer.

The scenario hasn't taken any significant turn by far. There is once again a fight for better living conditions. One with muscles are enjoying greater hold over resources. Some weak Chimpanzees are compelled to live in cities but they are not going to be a spectator for long.