Introspection is Overrated!

You agree with me? Cool then, you might enjoy this article. If you disagree then also I am okay with it, after all we live in a democracy where everyone is allowed to think and do things their way. And you do have the right to not read this article.

Before proceeding let me first clear two things: 1) what is introspection? Not a tough question to answer unless I go all philosophical. In simple terms it means contemplating your own thoughts and desires and conducts to reach some conclusion about yourself, which may force you to contemplate further. 2) Why do we do it? Well, the complete list of reasons is beyond the scope of the article but you can pick any of your favorite among these –Cause your teacher advised, parents advised (or scolded), Cause you have to write an SOP(statement of purpose) or cause your ex told you to before breaking up, etc.

We communicate a lot silently, vocally, physically and many other ways too. But do we ever talk to ourselves? I remember when this question was asked in a particular class of mine a few people said they have never talked to themselves. The teacher then tagged them as liars. The thing is at some point of time or the other we do talk to ourselves but many a times it goes unnoticed. For eg. In an exam when you are busy deciding which questions to attempt first who are you discussing the issue with?? Yes you can discuss it with the guy next you to so that you both can answer them with mutual effort. But most of the times it’s you only.

Introspection is not just talking to oneself, rather it is a discussion with oneself on matters that can make or break one’s life. To see what you do, why you do, how you do and how it could have been done in a better way and did you do it at the right time. Use all interrogative pronouns and they might help you reach a conclusion. And yes it helps some times.

But why it is overrated?? Because it isn’t required to be done every waking hour, every day of your life. One might feel surrounded by this word every time, everywhere. Solution to every problem isn’t introspection as some wise people suggest. Keeping a close check on your deeds and their outcomes is enough many a times. Doing things that lead you to your goals is enough. Because introspection does lead to some serious guilt trips. To human is to err…or it is the other way round. Whatever it is, I am not going to introspect about this and feel guilty of making an error go public :D
Credits to Himanshu Khurana