How I plan to achieve the best of me!

  1. Understand what you want.
  2. Understand why you want it.
  3. Love it by investing in it(time, effort, money, attention, emotion).
  4. Imagine the absolute result of your goal possible on this planet(the most ambitious gain possible in it). It'll be your guide. A vector. And understand that there is no limit. There is always a way to where to grow.
  5. Plan the route in several simple steps.
  6. Go for it. Step by step. Gather information on steps - to improve them. 
  7. That way you just cannot fail - sooner or later you'll get there.
  8. The closer you are - the easier it gets to stay focused - as you'll see that you did approached your goal, and you see the amount you did invested - and that it payed off.
  9. Confirm your efforts, by making any step. even a thought of an idea is a step - but it has to be written or recorded to "stay" - as a result of your efforts. Thus you'll gain more and more - and soon you'll find that the work you've done so far - really tremendous. It will bring you more joy and enthusiasm to proceed further.
  10. That way You do work as a self charging battery.
  11. If you faced an obstacle - just continue. There is no obstacle to stop you, not even death.
  12. Keep order in things. Stay organized. Mess - tends to weaken the outcome and productivity ....:)
  13. Dream bravely... :)
  14. If some people warn you of the obstacles - it's good that they do. But it does not mean that their assumptions - correct for your situation. They do not know your inner force. And they cannot really imagine what are the limits of your achievements. Even You do not know that. But let them warn you - cause warnings - can sometimes show you things you did not consider. Thus - they become helping hands for you, by warning you.
  15. Those who criticize you - divided in two groups. Jealous guys - who want you to fail. And interested ones. Just understand that regardless - their consideration of things is based for their level. Your level - is different. There are teachers among them. Learn to differ one type from another. And learn from the teachers.
  16. Be inventive and creative. Make fun out of it. Improve the fun out of the routines anywhere where it's possible. If it's boring - ease process up by doing routines while listening your favorite music. If getting to the destination is in order and it's practical to use bicycle to get there - do it. If cycling is boring - listen to any audio books while doing it. And so on :)
  17. The more you invest in your project - the more ideas related to it will arise - which will make process even more optimised and productive.
  18. Keep a count of time, every moment gone is taking you far from your goals. Eat less or never sleep, you just can't give up. You have reached far enough to give up. Go out and just get it!
  19. And the most important one is to find that one thing or one person whom you could love with your all might, who would look at you and tell you that its not done yet, who will push to be where you ought to be.. find that person to love who genuinely loves you as she or he will keep you motivated to be the best.