A Very Uncomfortable Winter

Been very long that I penned down something... and I am still unsure of what I am gonna write today but I have these restless thoughts that are hungry to turn into words... may be this poem defines it well...

This was 
a winter of fairy tales
Tales that were long and unending
So was the winter
slow and undying

Smells of 
previous winter 
bought back the memories 
That slipped through 
before I could grab them

But the last winter 
didn't bring comfort to me 
like it use to be
There was no comfort 
in the quilt and in fire
No matter how hard I tried
I ended with the shiver

mocked me
While I slumped 
in their unfamiliar warm glow
Their warmth and colours will outlast me
Many more winters will outwear me

Elia teared into me 
when she casually said
"the last winter snow
Clings to your life 
although it knows
it’s time to let go". 

But I know
the next winter 
will only be a reminder of 
how cold you were last winter
Your final hurrah.